Fresher's Party: Students were welcomed by Max Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences by organizing Fresher's Party.                                                    
Annual Sports Meet: Our College organizing Annual Sports & Games Meet every year.  Large number of Students participated and Won Prizes, Trophies & Medals etc.,  

College Day Celebrations: Our College Celebrates College Day Function at the end of every year.  Majority Students performs Cultural Activties like Dance, Songs & Skit play etc.      

Tour & Excursion Trips: A Tour to Bhadhrachalam Paper Board, Buddha Sthupam and Milk Diary Units was organised by the College.                                                 
National Science Day: Max Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organised a Seminar on National Science Day                                                    
National Voters Day: Max Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Organised various competitions on National Voters Day                                                     
National Mathematics Day: College Observed Srinivasa Ramanuam Birth Day as National Mathematics Day                                                    
NCC Day & NSS Day: Max Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Observed NCC and NSS Days every year.                                                     
National Yoga Day: College conducted YOGA classes for students on account of National YOGA Day.                                                     
Rangoli Competition: College organised "MUGGULA POTI" for Women at Raghunadhapalem Village                                                    
Dengue Awareness Camp: NSS Volunteers organised Dengue awareness camp at Ravinuthala Village of Bonakal Mandal.                                                    
Digital Economy Awareness Programme: College Students organised  a camp on "Cash Less Transactions' awareness programme         

* Seminar on "Oil and Gas Resources" by Dr. M Rambabu 

* Seminar on "Communication Skills in English" by Prof. Srinivas

* Seminar on " Career Guidance" by Hon'ble DSP R Suresh Kumar

* Motivational Speech on "EVE TEASING" by SHE TEAM Inspector Sri Babu Lal 

* Seminar on "Competitive Exams-General Studies" by Renowned Faculty R.Sateesh

* Seminar on "Critical Thinking Skills' by famous motivational speaker Mr.Ramesh

* Seminar on "Role of History in Competitive Exams"